Welcome to my blog! This is my first blog post, I am so excited!?
My name is Hiiru and I am a little mouse ?✌️ who likes all fun things. I really like eating delicacies such as cheese and cakes!

In my blog I will tell you about my life and friends, my hobbies and what I like to do. I hope you like my blog!

Happy Food Sticker for iOS & Android | GIPHY

This gif is me with a yummy doughnut that I found! ? You can get this gif here at Giphy if you want to use it!

Here I am on TikTok!

I found a chocolate doughnut, too!

[quiz-cat id=”2293″]

You can order this image of me as a postcard or mug on Redbubble!

See you soon! ? Bye!

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